Google stops developing video games to focus on Stadia

Photo: BBC Redes

Google announced the closure of its video game development studio, prompting independent publishers to produce new titles for Stadia, its cloud gaming platform, AFP reported.

The technology giant launched this platform at the end of 2019, which allows you to remotely play games of the same quality as on consoles, without the need to download or buy expensive equipment.

He then also founded his own studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment (SG&E), to create exclusive titles.

But “creating the best quality games from scratch takes many years and a significant investment. And the costs are increasing exponentially, "said the California group in a statement.

"As we are already focused on Stadia technology and deepening our commercial contracts, we decided to stop investing in exclusive content design by our internal SG&E teams," he added.

The subscription to the Stadia platform costs $ 10 per month with the right to some games, but access to the essentials of the catalog has a higher cost.

"Clearly, Stadia's technology works on a large scale," Google said, citing the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 as one of the platform's successes.

"Streaming is the future of the games industry, and we will continue to invest in Stadia and its infrastructure," he said.

Late last year, Amazon launched a similar service in the United States called Luna, which competes with both Stadia and Microsoft's xCloud platform.