Google presented tools to combine remote and face-to-face work

The pandemic will leave as a legacy the creation of many new work methods, combined between the traditional presence of workers on site in companies and the new tools that have been consolidated in all these times to optimize new hybrid routines of work methods.

In this way, Google presented its latest products and innovations on Wednesday to facilitate remote collaboration between company employees, envisaging that teleworking and face-to-face mode will be combined even after the pandemic has ended. 

Google announced the creation of a hybrid workbook to learn how to take advantage of the tools, as well as software so that employees can conduct efficient meetings no matter where they are working from. 

It also announced improvements to its Workspace portfolio that integrates the technology giant's applications for meetings, email, calendars, documents, chat and more, highlights the AFP.

At Workspace he added an online space dedicated to working on projects and introduced Series One interactive displays, designed specifically for conferences. 

The internet titan competes with Microsoft, Zoom, Facebook and others with online services that employees can use to telecommute.

Even the tech giants turned to their own tools when, early in the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to abandon their physical facilities, fueling a clear trend for telecommuting.

"We've seen a radical transformation, and much of that transformation is here to stay," said Google's director of product management Dave Citron during a briefing on the new offerings.

"But I think it is too early to say that the 40-hour workweek in a cubicle is definitely dead in all sectors and regions," he added. 



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