Galaxy A72 promises to prevail with 4k videos

The Samsung Galaxy A72 is the choice for high-quality photography up to 64K and 4K video recording. Users are provided with resources that offer innovative technologies that enable professional-quality photography with the smartphone itself.

Functions of the four cameras:

The rear cameras of this smartphone stand out for their set of lenses: the main camera takes pictures with a resolution of 64MP, the Ultra Wide captures a wider scene with a resolution of up to 12MP, the Macro lens allows the capture of small close objects , such as flowers and insects, with a quality of up to 5MP, while Tele is suitable for taking pictures from a distance with a 3X optical zoom - making an object that is 10 meters away appear to be taken at only three meters .

More stable and illuminated videos

The Galaxy A72 records videos in 4K using the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature, providing stable videos with its anti-shake function and minimizing the effects of shaky hands.

With Pro Video mode, the camera app provides more advanced controls during recording, such as changing ISO, exposure, focus, shutter speed, white balance, frame rate, and other settings. .

Professional and accessible resources with a touch

Cropping photos by selecting part of the image now takes on new meaning with 64MP photos from the Galaxy A72. You can select the section of the photo you want, enlarge and crop it by simply clicking the Quick Crop icon.

Night Mode helps you take a brilliant photo even in low light. When there is a limited amount of light in the dark, the camera needs to increase the ISO gain or adjust the shutter speed to ensure more light, resulting in blurry images. That's where the Night Mode feature comes in, allowing the camera to take 12 frames at a time and synthesize them into a single, sharp photo.

Already the Scene Optimizer uses Artificial Intelligence to apply the correct settings for each image, such as contrast, brightness, saturation and white balance. There are 30 auto-identified categories, including people, food, outdoor landscapes, and pets. All this to ensure an image ready to share and always with great speed and quality.



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