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Siri will receive the update of its story with AI

You will be able to control applications in a deep way

Apple is getting ready to launch a new version of Siri that will have the ability to control the functions of applications installed on an iPhone. The new assistant will operate with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system that could be supported by OpenAI technology and would debut with the launch of iOS 18, according to a new Bloomberg report reviewed by Wired.

The report details that the new algorithm will allow the voice assistant to manage various features of an app in a chain for the first time. The tool can currently execute broad, separate commands such as playing music lists or searching for information. Developers have a resource known as app intents that makes it easy to integrate Siri with specific functions of their devices. software. Users can use the Siri Shortcuts tool to manually create commands and activate specific features.

“The new system will go further, using AI to analyze what people do on their devices and automatically enable features controlled by Siri. At first it will be limited to programs developed by Apple, but the company plans to support hundreds of different commands in the future,” he explains.

The new Siri update will be rolled out in stages. At startup, the wizard will be able to perform simple tasks and execute one command at a time. You will be able to summarize articles, open documents and relocate content. In its most advanced phase, it will respond to chained and cross-platform commands. “Users could ask Siri to summarize a recorded meeting and send it via SMS to a colleague in a single request,” the report exemplifies.

Apple would like iOS 18 to use the advanced AI system to analyze and detect what users do in an application and automatically activate actions controlled by Siri. The change has required an unprecedented adjustment in the   underlying wizard that contemplates the integration of large language models. This will be one of the great hallmarks of the new generation of iOS, but it will be officially available until 2025. It is not detailed whether the technology behind the advance has been developed internally or by third parties.

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