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Samsung launches its NeoQLED 8k with artificial intelligence

It uses 512 artificial intelligence neural networks to optimize each frame up to 8K resolution.

Samsung Latin America presented its new line of NeoQLED 8K televisions with NQ8 AI Gen3 processor.

Agustin Nápole, director of audio and video businesses for Central America and the Caribbean, explained during the launch day that Samsung incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its televisions with the launch of these two new 8K models.

These new devices have a third-generation NQ8 AI processor, which achieves greater immersive experiences that are imperceptible to the eye.

It ensures that you can watch TV programs or series in 8k, because the processor manages to transform the video, thanks to its 512 neural networks (NPU), instead of 64 that the previous version had, which works twice as fast as his predecessor.

“Your favorite shows and movies are transformed to best fit the 8K display, allowing you to enjoy a level of detail and image clarity that surpasses that of conventional 4K TVs, meaning you can watch content in 4K and enjoy image clarity at 90% resolution of native 8K content  "He explained.

In this way, the new AI television is able to analyze and optimize content in real time, to offer superior image and sound quality and elevate the television experience to a level that places the viewer at the center.

“Equipped with 512 AI neural networks, our NQ8 AI Gen3 processor leverages AI to focus and enhance the movement of objects and text. This takes watching live sports to another level,” he explained.

Nápole assured that the brand has more than 30 percent in the market and has sold 8,3 million Q LED TV units in the world.

The sizes of the available models range from 50 to 85 inches and will be available in the country from the first week of June. Within the 4k portfolio there are also: Oled S95D anti-glare screen Oled S90D.

The “infinite screen” of Neo-QLED 8K gives it a "floating in space" look, atop a center-mounted sturdy metal stand. Samsung is Pantone certified.

Immersive and realistic audio

“Realistic audio is just as important and, thanks to the AI ​​that guides the experience, dialogue is very clear even in noisy environments,” explained Nápole. Active Voice Amplifier Pro distinguishes between voices and background noise, eliminating interference so viewers only hear what's important.

The NeoQled 8k has next-level Dolby Atmos surround sound. Its new top channel speakers deliver powerfully dynamic and exciting sound for a cinematic experience.

AI Optimization automatically adjusts your TV settings for the best viewing experience.

When watching a movie with Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro, viewers hear everything from all directions.

This model comes with a host of features that are testament to Samsung's continued leadership as the world's best-selling sound bar brand over the past 10 years, with innovations like Sound Grouping “for vibrant, room-filling sound and an optional “personal listening system that allows users to enjoy their content through the rear speakers without disturbing others.”

The ultra-slim S800D and S700D sound bars continue to deliver exceptional audio quality in an incredibly stylish, space-saving design.

It can be placed on the wall as a decorative painting at home.

Additionally, all Samsung sound bars feature advanced audio technologies such as Q-Symphony, which seamlessly integrates Samsung TVs and sound bars to deliver a masterfully orchestrated sound experience.

With AI Optimization, viewers can sit back and relax. This feature automatically adjusts your TV settings for the best viewing experience.

With Samsung Tizen OS technology, it turns the AI ​​TV into more than just an entertainment center. As a personal curator, the operating system adapts content to users' preferences while protecting their privacy with Samsung Knox.

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