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European Union agrees to regulation of digital giants

This Thursday, the 27 member countries of the European Union (EU) approved two bills to regulate the Internet and solve the abuses of power by the so-called digital giants.

Large-scale hate speech, manipulation of information, bankruptcy of small local businesses ... To put an end to the 'Far-West' of the internet, the European Commission had proposed two draft regulations in December 2020, says the AFP.

Among the two important agreements that the EU reached are the »Digital Services Act», DSA, which aims to combat fraud and illegal content, forcing the largest platforms to place stricter measures to regulate the content they host ; and the “Digital Markets Act”, DMA, which will be in charge of reducing the “anti-competitive practices” used by the different groups.

The French Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O, celebrated that the vast majority of members agreed and for now its approval and assured that these "may be the most important agreements in the history of digital regulation."

The changes agreed by the EU countries include an obligation for technology companies that improves the right of end users to unsubscribe from the services of the central platform and shortens the deadlines and improves the criteria for the appointment of guardians . / Agencies