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They supervise road works in Táchira

The actions address 39 failures from the San Josecito sector to San Rafael del Piñal

Within the framework of the four works, of the eleven approved by the regional executive that are being carried out in the state of Táchira, the state's governor, Freddy Bernal, began supervising the rehabilitation work from the El Zigzag and La Laguna sectors on Troncal number 5.

"We have begun the comprehensive rehabilitation of this main road artery in which we will spend approximately two years doing tasks," he assured.

Bernal, together with those in charge of executing the works, reported that they have identified 39 failures from the San Josecito sector, capital of the Torbes municipality, to San Rafael del Piñal in the Fernández Feo municipality, adducing that the most significant actions are found in the sectors Zig Zag and La Laguna, which would not have been attended to for more than 16 years.

He stressed that of the 39 failures that exist along the trunk 5 so far the regional government with the support and resources of the national executive, are executing 4: El Zigzag, La Laguna, Torondoy and the sector of the Mayor Buenaventura International Airport. Vivas Guerrero (better known as Santo Domingo International Airport).

The governor explained that in the Torondoy sector (Torbes municipality) there is a geological fault "where the hill permanently impacts downwards causing the road to fall into the river" for which the work will intensify in the recovery of the embankment and all the improvements to the system of drainage to subsequently place the asphalt layer and thus guarantee passability in the main road artery.

Investment of works in progress

For the state of Táchira, one million 600 thousand dollars were approved in a first stage for the realization of four infrastructure works, located in the border, southern and metropolitan areas of the entity

Bernal reported that the request that was delivered to the national government consists of 11 works, and that in this first phase the Fund for National Development (Fonden) will prioritize four.

“The construction of the retaining wall in the edge fault in trunk 7, the canalization of the La Mulata stream, El Palotal sector of the Bolívar municipality, repairs in trunk 5 and improvements in the Antonio José de Sucre highway in the municipality stand out. San Cristobal".

The governor stressed that the actions being carried out are part of the proposals made during the campaign in which he highlighted the recovery of roads throughout the state, working jointly with the national government, the mayors' offices and popular power.

Attention to the communities of San Cristóbal

The mayor's office of San Cristóbal, headed by Silfredo Zambrano, together with national and regional organizations, visited the community of Barrio Bolívar, in the San Juan Bautista parish of the capital of Tachira, to attend to the needs in a timely manner and through the 1×10 of the Good Government. relating to public services.

Zambrano indicated that 24 hours after the complaint by the organized community, the present needs were met, emphasizing the electrical deficiencies, for which a 100KVA transformer was replaced that had collapsed due to overload, affecting more than 150 families in the Bolivar neighborhood.

“In attention to this community, a multidisciplinary team made up of Corpoelec, Hidrosuroeste, the State Government, the mayor of San Cristóbal, and social organizations joined forces to solve the situation, and also, attend to and identify other needs such as improvement of roads that It will be addressed soon," he reported.

Zambrano reiterated that the work continued with public lighting arrangements and the installation of luminaires on 4 poles that had been kept in the dark for 8 months.

"There were sectors with approximately 4 years without the service that we will also be serving, as well as two drinking water bottles, product of the rupture of a 2-inch pipe (...) the additional improvements that the community presented us we have assumed as a single government to give immediate answers, he pointed out.

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