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HomeTáchiraSix homes with damage after 72 hours of rain in Táchira

Six homes with damage after 72 hours of rain in Táchira

They maintain supervision in rivers and estimate that the rainfall will continue for another 48 hours

Yesnardo Canal, director of Táchira Civil Protection, reported that the continuous rains that have been generated in the last seventy-two hours in the entity, with the greatest incidence in the border, northern and metropolitan areas, caused damage to six homes as a result of the undermining of the bases.

Canal expressed that the damage was recorded in two vulnerable areas of the metropolitan area of ​​the Tachira capital, the first in the Brisas del Paraíso neighborhood where, due to the increase in the flow of the Torbes River, the undermining of structural elements of four houses was generated and, second, in Barrio El Río where two structures built on the limits of the water tributary suffered considerable damage.

"Towards the Andrés Bello municipality (Cordero) an increase in flow was also reported in the La Colorada ravine, causing partial obstruction of the road (...) another of the consequences of the heavy rains is the interrupted passage between El Vallado and Ureña, due to landslides of fine material in the La Rinconada sector," he said.

He stressed that the continuity of the rains is expected for about 48 hours, which is why the institute will maintain communication with its municipal sub-headquarters, who will maintain supervision and monitoring in the 707 vulnerable areas of the entity, determined prior to the activation of the security protocols that they estimate to apply in the rainy season.

No passage between Ayacucho and Ureña after rains

The road that connects the municipalities of Ayacucho (Colón) and Pedro María Ureña was totally obstructed when heavy rainfall affected the El Vallado and La Rinconada sectors early Monday morning.

The area of ​​vital importance for being a road artery with constant flow for the transfer to the Colombian-Venezuelan border, currently presents edge failures and landslides in different parts.

From the early hours of this Monday, the Civil Protection troops of the Pedro María Ureña border municipality began inspections in the areas affected by the rains and in the water tributaries of greatest attention: "The flows of the Seca, La Mulata and Las Cruces streams they are moderate, while the Táchira river registers a high level of its current”, is clear from the report of the supervision and protection representatives.

So far, no flooding or affected family groups have been registered, however, the call was made to vulnerable communities that live near rivers and streams to be alert and apply security measures when there is an increase in flows.

Damages in La Fría and supervision in Táriba

The start of the rainy season did not take the representatives of the protection and supervision bodies off guard, who remain, together with the regional and municipal authorities, alert to any anomaly resulting from the constant rainfall.

In the Araguaney sector in La Fría (García de Hevia municipality) heavy rains caused the fall of several trees that affected the trafficability of several areas without any emergency to attend to.

In the Cárdenas municipality (Táriba) inspections are recorded in the water tributaries that flow into the Torbes River, which in previous rainy seasons caused damage to bridges, roads and homes,

The points of greatest attention were the La Chivata ravine in Las Vegas de Táriba, La Bermeja at the height of the El Salado bridge in the El Río neighborhood, La Carbonera and Blanca in the Las Lomas area, all of them up to now had normal levels.

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