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Road improvement plan applied in San Cristóbal

Rehabilitation is developed through a joint plan between the state government and the Ministry of Transport

The mayor of the San Cristóbal municipality of Táchira state, Silfredo Zambrano, reported that the actions planned for the improvement of the city's road arteries are being applied as part of the rehabilitation plan carried out by the city council.  

Up to now, the works have been carried out on avenues with greater traffic flow as well as in communities where attention was necessary and urgent.

“We are currently approaching the La Guacara sector where 60 tons of asphalt were placed. In the next few days, 40 more tons of asphalt will be placed on streets adjacent to the community (...) Likewise, these streets will be fully intervened with demarcation and drainage cleaning ”, he affirmed.

The actions are developed through a joint plan with the state government and the Ministry of Transportation, which plans to reach a significant number of communities and improve the road arteries of the capital of Tachira.

Zambrano stressed that each request from the communities regarding the paving of their streets will be addressed as part of the commitment that the mayor's office has.

"A debt that exceeds 10 years of deterioration must be covered, for which it is necessary to work jointly with organized communities, to promote road rehabilitation projects, through the Federal Government Council," he pointed out.     

Communities support improvements

The community of La Guacara benefited from the rehabilitation plan, expressed the importance of these works for which they have waited for a decade. 

María Alejandra Sánchez, a resident of the area, stated that for years the petition was handed over to the competent authorities who never responded to the request.

“For 14 years they have not paved (…) they have always been asked for paving and they never came to pave us. The only thing they came to give us some light bulbs and in the middle of the electoral campaign, ”he said.

Eugenia Delgado, a member of the La Guacara community, stated that the damage caused to the road limited pedestrian access and that of public transport service units.

“The pavement was extremely deteriorated and had been causing damage to vehicles. The Barrio Sucre transportation line even passes here and the situation caused damage to their units,” he asserted.

rearrangement operation

The set of improvements of the mayor's office of San Cristóbal is reflected with the execution of the operational plan for control and supervision of public transport lines, which seeks to apply legal actions for those who work without the pertinent permits or are located in areas not prepared for provide the service.

Juan Rodolfo Martínez, general director in the mayor's office, pointed out that emphasis will be placed on the lines of taxis and motorcycle taxis that operate in the city with the purpose of promoting order and notifying of any violation of the municipal estates.

“They must be adjusted and placed right to avoid operating illegally. We are notifying them in advance in writing. For this reason, I urge you to go to the road department of the mayor's office so that they comply with the procedures and requirements of the Law and obtain the license in the spaces that are allowed according to the ordinance ”, he wielded.

Martínez highlighted that the actions initiated on Isaías Medina Angarita Avenue, known as Seventh Avenue (downtown) where they determined the presence of irregularities that threatened public spaces.

“We started this supervision in the vicinity of Plaza Bolívar where a line of taxis and motorcycle taxis operated without the corresponding permits, appropriating public spaces. Even demarcating and delimiting the 7th avenue roadway with road cones, an arbitrary action that cannot be allowed, ”he assured.

They will apply legal actions for those who work without the pertinent permits

Supervision will continue

The representative of the mayor's office asserted that the supervisions will continue in the places arranged by these lines located in avenues, squares and parks with the accompaniment of the municipal, regional and national security forces.

"According to the current ordinance on the service of transporting people, cargo and roads, articles 22 and 28 of the current municipal Gazette establish both the parameters for the processing of the concession to provide the service and the requirements for the operation of the transport lines”, pointed out Martínez.

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