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Operative is fully developed by the holy Christ of the Grita

1900 security forces deployed at 25 checkpoints

The governor of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, highlighted the proper organization and planning of the security and care operation carried out by the security forces around the celebration of the 412 years of the Holy Christ of La Grita.

Bernal reported that with the participation of more than 900 municipal, regional and national security forces stationed at 25 checkpoints, this action is currently being carried out, which plans to serve the faithful, who through the Pilgrim's Route They go to the municipality of Jáuregui where the effigy of the patron saint of Táchira is found.

"I want to recognize and congratulate the excellent work that all the security forces involved in this activity have been doing under the command of the secretary of citizen security of the state government and director of Politachira Wilman Rivera Torres," he clarified.

The faithful who have mobilized from the different municipalities of the Táchira state as well as the Mérida state have the guarantee of being attended in the four municipalities with the highest concentration of pilgrims: Andrés Bello, Jáuregui, José María Vargas and Seboruco.

Bernal stressed that the operation began on July 29 and will end on Sunday, August 7, after the culmination of the activities in honor of the 412 years of the Christ of the Serene Face and the 446 anniversary of the city of La Grita.

Attention, protection and shelter

Wilman Rivera Torres, secretary of citizen security of the regional executive indicated that the device was drawn up "to guarantee the attention, protection and shelter of all the people who travel from different places of Táchira and other entities and even countries to pay tribute and veneration to the Holy Christ of La Grita”.

He stressed that through the joint work of the National Guard, Civil Protection, Fire Department, the National Police, Politáchira, as well as rescuers and volunteers, the seven routes planned by the faithful to pay tribute to the patron remain active:

“The routes go from San Cristóbal, Michelena (Michelena municipality), Pregonero (Uribante municipality), La Fría (Garcia de Hevia municipality), Coloncito (Panamericano municipality), San Simón (Simón Rodríguez municipality) and Bailadores (Rivas Dávila municipality of the state Merida)," he reported.

Rivera reported that the operation also covers the return of pilgrims to their homes.

"We will be carrying out security tasks until Sunday August 7 to guarantee the return of tourists and devotees of the Christ of the Serene Face to their homes in peace and tranquility," he said.

Mural in homage to the Holy Christ

Approximately two thousand five hundred people have actively participated in the elaboration of the mural of the Santo Cristo de La Grita carried out by the plastic artist Óscar Olivares, who expects to complete the work this Saturday, August 06.

Olivares reported that a total of 20 thousand plastic caps collected serve as raw material for the realization of this mural that plans to pay homage to the patron saint of the state and that this year he resumed the walk as a symbol of faith.

"Each of these tapas represents faith and our belief (...) we have linked the festivities of Santo Cristo with the care of the common home, this represents the value of the faith of this people," he assured.

With the support of the Frelat Foundation, this mural is made, which seeks to fulfill one of the most outstanding missions of this non-governmental organization: "boost the potential of communities and promote the quality of life of societies through actions and activities related to health , education, sport, culture and the environment”.

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