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Government intensifies investigations into explosives in Ureña

Six injured registered the detonation of an explosive device in a commercial establishment

The governor of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, assured that the investigations into the event that occurred on Sunday, January 22 in the Pedro María Ureña municipality, in which six people were injured as a result of the explosion of an explosive device, are advancing.

He stressed that the security forces are still searching for the criminal gang that perpetrated the act.

"We are advancing in the investigations (...) I have no doubt that we are going to detect which criminal gang is behind this (...) I said it when we opened the border, that disturbances were surely going to occur, because the Colombian armed groups are going to want to retake that axis to carry out extortions or kidnappings” he assured.

Likewise, he said that the joint activities with the Colombian security forces, within the framework of the restitution of relations, will consolidate the search block planned to clarify this fact.

"Now if there are relations with the Colombian Police (...) now if there are relations with the Colombian investigative organizations and when we manage to detect who they are, together with the Colombian authorities we are going to dismantle, arrest and prosecute them", he pointed out.

Six injured by explosive splinters

On the night (10:00 pm) of Sunday, January 22, in the vicinity of a public establishment located on the intercommunal avenue of the Pedro María Ureña border municipality, an explosive device was launched, which has been unofficially determined to be a grenade, the which left 6 injured as a result.

In the event it has been confirmed that the people affected respond to the names of: María Gerber (25) Johan López (26), Brayan Suárez (28), Wendy Leal (28), Génesis Pabón (23) and Josué Rico (31) .

· María Gerber: splinter wounds in the lower right extremity.

· Johan López: minor injuries from 10 splinters.

· Brayan Suárez: minor injuries from four splinters.

· Wendy Leal: minor injuries from eight splinters.

· Génesis Pabón: pneumothorax due to trauma from the impact of splinters.

· Josué Rico: shrapnel wounds in the lower extremities and abdomen.

Members of the San Antonio Fire Department (Bolívar municipality) and Civil Protection of the Ureña municipality transferred the injured María Gerber, Johan López, Brayan Suárez and Wendy Leal to the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) and the Ureña Medical Specialties Center ( CEMU), while Génesis Pabón and Josué Rico left these health centers for the Central Hospital in Cúcuta, Colombia.

As part of the investigations, officials from the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc), the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), the Army, CONAS and the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) appeared at the site.

Unofficially, it was learned that this criminal action by criminal gangs from the border axis would be directed at the owner of the establishment to extort him.

Investigations have determined that these are two subjects aboard a motorcycle, who threw the device in the vicinity of the establishment, located on Intercommunal Avenue in the Pedro María Ureña municipality, diagonal to the Municipal Market.


  1. In Punta de Mata, Monagas state, criminal gangs also extort merchants and those who agree to pay the extortion paint graffiti on the premises that reads "AREPAS." The interesting thing about the matter is that the police authorities do nothing: does it seem that there is complicity?

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