Super Neighborhood | They installed a parliamentary communal office

The residents of the Petare parish, in the Sucre municipality, have the services of the first parliamentary communal office, in which they will be able to publicize their proposals for the creation and modification of laws, as well as denounce the problems they suffer.

This was announced by the deputy Gabriela Chacón, who pointed out that the office is located under the bridge that leads to Palo Verde, in the Petare vial, in spaces that were recovered by the Sucre Mayor's Office, which were used for the trash can and rubble, and which have now been put at the service of the community.

“This parliamentary attention office comes into operation in compliance with the recommendations of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, who has asked the elected deputies to reinforce street parliamentarism, to continue in contact with the residents of the sectors for which we were nominated. , to attend and respond to the problems that afflict them, ”said Chacón.

She indicated that during the campaign they received a large number of requests, which they sent to the Miraflores Palace “and immediately President Maduro activated the so-called Solidarity Route in Petare, through which several institutions work to offer a solution to the problems that neighbors have raised ”, she pointed out.

Gloria Linares and René Chacón, members of the Antonio José de Sucre Commune, which operates in the colonial zone of Petare, were the first two residents served in the new office, where they requested that the new authorities of the National Assembly legislate around the quality of public services in Venezuela.
They indicated that, for example, it is necessary to improve public lighting service, optimize internet quality and improve security.

Likewise, they pointed out the need to carry out campaigns to publicize the content of the laws, “for example, the Organic Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence is necessary to give it greater diffusion in the communities, to reduce the indices of violence, ”said Gloria Linares.

For his part, René Chacón asked that the coverage of the laws dedicated to the prevention of crime among young people be expanded, and that they offer them better study opportunities, accompanied by training in arts and crafts.



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