Mariches is organized to massify the sport

The residents of the Mariches sector, Sucre de Miranda municipality, have organized with the aim of carrying out a program to mass sports activities, through which, in addition to collaborating with the physical development of children, offering them outdoor activities free, it also seeks to combat leisure time and support crime prevention policies.

Gianluigi Lugo is a resident of the area and on behalf of the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation (Iamder), an entity attached to the Mayor's Office of Sucre, coordinates this pilot plan.

He explains that this program is called Los Quintetos and consists of the formation of groups of five community leaders, whose citizens are chosen by the neighbors themselves to carry out sports and recreational activities.

“Each of these quintets are made up of a representative of the youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, athletes and the Popular Power, who live in communities where sports spaces are located, such as courts and who have committed to promoting sports activities among members of the entire sector ”, Lugo points out.

Israel Álvarez lives in the La Haciendita sector, and is one of the people who supports the initiative, representing the elderly sector. He indicates that in his community there are a large number of children and young people who need to carry out some activity, especially in these times of pandemic, without neglecting compliance with biosafety regulations.
“Sport also functions as a support for the processes of citizen coexistence. Each of the quintets that have been formed has a coach, in addition to the support of parents and representatives of the children who make up the different teams, ”he said.

The mayor of the Sucre municipality, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, accompanied by the director of the Iamder, Francisco Rojas, in support of this community program, delivered sports equipment to the neighbors.
“The residents of Mariches have formed the first 10 groups, which they have called Los Quintetos, where they have the support of 50 community leaders, 20 coaches, who will be serving around 800 children and young people, for which we have delivered sports equipment such as soccer balls, volleyball and basketball, hoops and tights, among others ”, Rangel emphasized.

He added that this pilot plan that begins in Mariches will be replicated in other parishes of the municipality.



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