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Brown mussel seeds are sown in Sucre

The projection is that in six months at least 20 tons of mussels can be produced

The Ministry of People's Power for Fisheries and Aquaculture reported that in an agreement with the Foundation for Research and Development of Aquaculture of the state of Sucre (Fidaes), they will cultivate 600 kilos of brown mussels in the open sea.

Through his Twitter account @Minpescave2 he wrote «With 600 kg of seeds, sowing began in this first stage, estimating for the next few days to carry out 5 crop systems to achieve the harvest of approximately 20 tons of shelled mussels. We continue to work for our people!”

Entities attached to the ministerial portfolio such as the Socialist Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Insopesca) and the National Research Center for Fisheries and Aquaculture (Cenipa) provided productive technical support to FIDAES and the Council of Fishermen and Aquaculture Producers (CONPPA). Frigate”, during the day.

First stage of planting

It should be noted that for the beginning of this brown mussel (perna perna) sowing, a «Long-Line» type farming system was used, from the «La Fragata» locality of the Bolívar municipality.

This first stage of the project is expected to culminate in the coming days with a total of 5 long-lines in different sectors of the jurisdiction. The projection is that in six months they can produce at least 20 tons of mussels.

For his part, the president of Fidaes, Neptali Rodríguez, informed that within the future objectives he plans to have a laboratory that allows maintaining the production of seeds in the territory, that is, not having the need to resort to third parties to acquire them.

Rodríguez also mentioned that another of the works carried out by the institution is the fattening of fish, he assured that at this moment they are acquiring the supplies to start it up.

He highlighted the support of allied institutions such as the Ministry of Science and Technology through Fundacite, the Oceanographic Institute of Venezuela, Insopesca and the regional president Almirate Gilberto Pinto.

National Deployment

The regional director of Minpesca, Jhonny Acosta, provided details about the program that is advancing at the national level.

"This is a plan that Minister Juan Carlos Loyo has guided, with the aim of promoting aquaculture in the country," he said.

He also explained that in the first instance they work on the evaluation and diagnosis of farms and crop sites belonging to the 15 municipalities of the entity.

“We are working together with those municipal and regional institutions. It is the same government with the same objective: to increase fishing and aquaculture production to guarantee distribution to 7 million families per month.”

In this sense, the director congratulated the effort of Fidaes to activate the stations that reside in the entity. These are the La Fragata station in Marigüitar and the Guacarapo station in Cariaco that will allow the study of shrimp farming, the latter has not yet been activated.

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