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They discuss prevention of bullying in Sucre

A total of 16 educational units and 600 people received a talk on student violence and criminal action

The first combatant of the Sucre state, Aracelis de Pinto, gave a symposium on bullying in order to promote coexistence and peace in the different educational centers of the region.

From the Luis Mariano Rivera theater in Cumaná, she was accompanied by representatives of the judiciary, who also presented issues related to abuse; mistreatment of children and adolescents; bullying and the consequences that derive from this behavior.

They highlighted that those people who have suffered bullying can develop anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings of hatred, needing professional help to be able to recover the rhythm of their lives.

They assured that the penance games are the ones that have generated the greatest physical and psychological damage to infants and young people. This has become a national and international problem, so it is necessary to promote its prevention from an early age.

The first combatant emphasized during her speech that it is extremely important to provide safe and non-violent educational environments, which also contribute to the development of healthy emotional growth to form children capable of fostering values ​​based on respect and tolerance.

It should be noted that the activity was attended by the regional ombudsman, Juan Carlos Ramos, the general secretary of government, María Elisa Chirinos, and a representative of the Educational Zone of the Sucre state (ZEES).

Regional Deployment Against Bullying

Members of the Ombudsman's Office in the state of Sucre carried out a cycle to promote the human rights of children and adolescents in different educational institutions of the entity.

The ombudsman explained that a total of 16 educational units and 600 people received the talk where topics related to the penal system for minors, police action, powers and attributions of the ombudsman, among others, were discussed.

The meetings were attended by students from different grades, teachers, parents and representatives in order to provide tools for the prevention of student violence.

Among the educational units we can mention: LB Creation Caigüire, UE Padre Alcalá, in the municipality of Sucre; LB Simón Rodríguez, Bolivarian School of Playa Grande in Bermúdez; The National Educational Unit in Yaguaraparo; Bolivarian School Juan Manuel Cajigal in Caigal.

National policy against student violence

During the month of May, a legislative project was presented to the National Assembly entitled Law to Prevent, Punish and Address School Harassment of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, whose purpose would be the prevention and punishment of those responsible for cases of bullying.

A total of 74 cases of bullying were registered until April of this year, according to information provided by the attorney general, Tarek William Saab.

“The actions we are taking are aimed at making this serious problem visible and providing contributions to start building a State policy against bullying and violence among adolescents,” he stressed.

He indicated that the Attorney General's Office began to instruct all superior prosecutors to attend in a timely and exemplary manner the cases of bullying that occur in their regions.

He added that these behaviors can generate lack of protection and humiliation in the victims, which can lead to suicide in the worst case.

To date, the Public Ministry has charged nine adolescents with crimes related to injuries and assaults related to student violence.

The prosecutor explained that the last case notified to the Public Ministry was carried out on Tuesday, May 10, after a situation of bullying occurred at the Colegio Teresiano del Paraíso, in Caracas.

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