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They marched against violence and child sexual abuse in Cumaná

Different educational institutions marched to raise awareness among the population about these crimes in the entity

Among slogans such as Children do not touch! and Let's take care of and respect the integrity and life of the little ones!, students, teaching staff and representatives of different initial, basic and diversified education institutions in the city of Cumaná, Sucre state; They marched against violence and child sexual abuse.

The walk, which began from the Ribero square to the Miranda square in the capital of Sucre, had as its main purpose to raise awareness among the population about crimes that threaten the physical and psychological integrity of children.

The activity was presided over by the first combatant of the Sucre municipality (Cumaná), Fermary Ortegas, together with the director of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Boys, Girls and Adolescents (Cmdnna), Victoria Bello, and the general director of the Cumaná mayor's office , Yanet Marval.

"We want to stop sexual abuse and child violence, reminding parents and guardians to remain alert to the behavior of children, so that they always keep in mind that behind every mistreated child there is a child who is silent and suffers in silence" , said Victoria Bello, municipal director of the Cmdnna.

Likewise, he emphasized the importance of continuing to promote social actions that help combat crimes that threaten the lives of children.

They marched and urged to denounce

He emphasized that in the capital of Sucre, cases of child abuse have been increasing in recent months, which is why he urged citizens not to remain silent and to report to the different state security agencies and institutions for the protection of boys, girls and adolescents, these punishable acts.

“Always remember that complaints are anonymous and free, do not be afraid to report, we safeguard the integrity of the person who reports these crimes. We cannot remain silent in the face of these atrocious acts that are taking place in our city of Cumaná, as well as throughout the national territory. The figures are increasing, in August, we closed with 30 processed per month, imagine now, "said Bello.

He argued that the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents has been doing hard work to minimize the rates of this scourge in the first-born city.

He reiterated that the team of the institution for the protection of children have been deployed in the different educational institutions, shopping centers, markets and other spaces with the greatest number of people, with the aim of alerting the community about the crimes that are being committed. with the child population.

"We have a strong job in all the parishes that make up the entire Sucre municipality, because it is important to turn on the alerts since the situation is too delicate," said Bello.

In this sense, he stressed that together with the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Tinta Violeta, they offer psychological support to parents and children who have been victims of child sexual abuse.

"We offer psychological help to overcome this evil also to parents and representatives, because it is not only the child who feels violated in these cases," he said.

Family values ​​must be rescued

Given the increase in cases that occurred in the seafaring and mariscala city, the director of the Council highlighted the need to rescue the values ​​in each of the Venezuelan families, in order to eradicate these violent actions that have been taking place against the little ones.

"It is very important that family values ​​be rescued, while we have a healthy family we are developing healthy and self-confident children," he pointed out.

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