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In Sucre commitment to the cultivation of mussels

More than a thousand kilos of mussels are planted in the La Fragata sector, Bolívar municipality of the eastern entity

Aquaculture without food or fertilization is an alternative for which the Sucre state is committed to increase the production and economic development of the region, through the practice of mussel farming, a product that represents a source of protein and minerals. of high quality that provide numerous nutritional benefits to the population.

With the sowing of approximately 1.100 kilograms of mussels on the coast of Sucre, specifically in the La Fragata sector of the Bolívar municipality (Marigüitar), this project began for the cultivation of mollusks scientifically known as bivalves, due to the fact that they have two shells. that may or may not close completely on the soft part of its interior.

This was stated by Neptalí Rodríguez, president of the Foundation for Research and Development of Aquaculture in the state, who explained that in 2022 more than two tons of this product of about 800 kilos were harvested as a test period that yielded positive results.

He commented that they are in talks with private sector companies that are willing to market the product for the central zone of the country and others have advanced the export possibilities. "With them we are visualizing joint investment possibilities to naturally increase production and be able to satisfy demand," he said.

He reported that new crops are in process in the Guacaraco sector in the Ribero municipality (Cariaco) and in the Camacuey sector in Marigüitar. Currently, they are in the conditioning phase to start planting at least a thousand kilos of mollusks with the aim of increasing production.

Our Process

Mussels, which are attached to rocks found in the sea, are commonly observed in some Pariano municipalities such as: Arismendi (Río Caribe) and Bermúdez (Carúpano), Rodríguez explained.

The seeds of the species are purchased in Río Caribe and transferred with the corresponding permits from the Socialist Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture to La Fragata, where the sowing process of the product takes place.

They are adhered to strings made with tuna mesh which serve as a substrate, then placed in rings and longline to be submerged in the water mirror at an average depth of 15 to 18 meters.

Once the mussels are planted, they require approximately six to eight months to reach the average size of seven or eight centimeters established by the Ministry of Fisheries for commercialization.

For Rodríguez, mussel farming is a task that does not require a large investment because they are filter-feeding organisms that feed on the particles of organic matter present in bodies of water.

In order to offer a product totally suitable for human consumption, Fidaes established alliances with the National Institute of Agricultural Research so that they develop a monthly sampling to evaluate the progress of the mussels and, in turn, carry out toxicity tests.

"Every month the mussels are monitored and controlled to have the peace of mind of providing a product suitable for human ingestion," Rodríguez said.

The farming activity also gives way to new jobs in the region, since, once the mussel is at its average size, a cleaning process and subsequent vacuum packaging of the product begins, which requires the entry of new people to execute labors.

As part of the distribution, the president of Fidaes indicated that during the Holy Week season this institution joined the fish sales fairs where they offered locals and strangers a fresh, quality product at very low costs.

mussel properties

• It is rich in potassium

• Has great anti-inflammatory properties

•Stimulates the production of white blood cells

•Controls blood pressure

•Strengthens the immune system

•It is a great source of protein

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