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They distribute proteins in communities of Sucre state

At affordable prices, 2.922 families received protein combos

The team of the Venezuelan Food Producer and Distributor (PDVAL), in Sucre state, distributed proteins to 2.922 families from different communities in the Sucre municipality (Cumana), as part of the policies promoted by the Bolivarian Government to strengthen protection and well-being of vulnerable families.

In this sense, approximately 1.326 families from the “San Fernando de Tataracual” Socialist Missions Base, located in the San Juan parish, received protein combos.

Under the house-to-house modality of the sovereign field fair, the Pdval workforce was deployed to bring chicken combos at subsidized prices to each of the homes that make up this epicenter of social protection.

In this regard, Eriberto Parejo, a missionary from the Mission Base, highlighted the importance of this day aimed at guaranteeing peace of mind for the population. He said that people bought the protein cheaply.

"For only 24 bolivars we are receiving 2 chickens, that is why we are grateful for this journey that has been of vital importance for our community," he mentioned.

For her part, Mariannys González, líder territory, extended its gratitude to the Bolivarian Government for this deployment aimed at ensuring the social well-being of vulnerable families.

"We feel grateful because we are receiving proteins at low costs from this team, for us it is a privilege that our president remembers the people in need," he said.

Other communities also received proteins 

Similarly, a total of 1.596 families from 17 Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) that make up the "San Agustín" Socialist Missions Base, located on the Cumaná - Cumanacoa highway, were served with the distribution of proteins.

Approximately 7,107 tons of chickens were distributed in the town, sources from the food institution indicated.

Creators of Río Brito, Cumanacoita, Agua Santa I and II, Río Brito, El Tigre, Guaripa, Cañifle, Barranca Sabana de Brito, Nueva Esperanza, Vaca, Chirgua, Lomas de Los Ipures, Mochimita, are some of the sectors of the area rural of the Sucre municipality that were favored with the display of food, detailed the authorities of the institution.

“In these days, community power plays a very important role, because they are the ones who lead us and make the optimal distribution of food to the people viable. We have the instruction to promote throughout the territory the framed feeding days, in the 1×10 of Good Government carried out by our President Nicolás Maduro, and that together with Governor Gilberto Pinto we enforce,” they said.

In the municipality Montes

In order to continue promoting the protein distribution system at affordable prices and to strengthen the tranquility of the population, the PDVAL workforce plans a food deployment in the Montes municipality (Cumanacoa) on May 27, where they estimate to serve the families of the Arenas parish, indicated the spokespersons of the institution.

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