StartSucreThey deployed cleaning days in Marigüitar Sucre state

They deployed cleaning days in Marigüitar Sucre state

The highway axis of the Troncal 009 and communities were intervened with cleaning and collection of solid waste

The mayor's office of the Bolívar municipality (Marigüitar) in the Sucre state deployed cleaning, weeding, and solid waste collection days in Troncal 009 and various popular communities in the jurisdiction, as part of the public policies promoted by Mayor Héctor Frontado.

In this sense, the cleaning tasks are carried out by the crews of the municipal public services department, who remain active throughout the town in order to optimize the conditions of this important road artery that crosses the municipality of facing the Easter holiday.

“We continue to work for our municipality, we have deployed a whole team to carry out cleaning days and we have arranged for the implementation of heavy machinery to remove debris and collect solid waste. We are getting ready, setting our Bolivar municipality, to give those who visit us in the Holy Week season that is approaching the best impression”, said Mayor Frontado.

Elimination of satellite dumps in Marigüitar

The so-called garbage satellites that are found in some areas of the municipality are also eliminated by the cleaning brigades during this operation aimed at cleaning up the different areas of the town.

"We are doing the elimination of the garbage satellites in order to guarantee the sanitation of all spaces and offer a clean and pleasant municipality to locals and visitors," said the local president.

Communities are also intervened with cleaning days

The days are extended to popular communities and places of healthy recreation such as: La Muralla de Golindano, located on the highway axis of Troncal 009, where the workforce of the mayor's office carried out cleaning and solid waste collection tasks, with the purpose of to offer the community dignified and clean spaces for enjoyment and sharing with the family.

“A valuable group of our working masses carried out the sanitation of this important meeting and recreation point for the people. The Golindano Wall brings together families, friends and the entire population of Bolívar”, he asserted.

Similarly, the communities of Capiantar and Los Cocalitos were also approached with maintenance and weeding work, Frontado said.

"We have deployed a massive day of solid waste collection throughout the municipal jurisdiction, for this work we have arranged a series of machinery and trucks, we continue to be activated and work to dignify the quality of life of the people, it is a commitment that we have assumed and that We will comply with the support of President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Gilberto Pinto," the mayor reiterated.

People's power participated in days of sanitation 

The heads of the Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (Ubch), community and street leaders joined these actions aimed at strengthening the assets of the community, stressed the mayor. At the same time, he reiterated the commitment to continue intensifying the cleaning operations in each of the sectors that make up the town.

"The political and territorial leaders and the community in general have participated in these important activities that we have activated for the benefit of all, this is a job that we will continue to carry out in coordination with our organized popular power who are the protagonists of each project executed by the Bolivarian Government” he emphasized.


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