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Cleaning and maintenance plan advances in Cumaná Sucre state

More than 40 avenues in Cumaná have been intervened with cleaning days

More than 300 crew members of the Autonomous Municipal Environmental Sanitation Service (Serviamsa) are deployed in the city of Cumaná with cleaning days and solid waste collection, as part of the Cleaning and Maintenance Plan promoted by the mayor Louis Sifontes.

The information was released by Cesar López, operations coordinator of the Autonomous Municipal Environmental Sanitation Service (Serviamsa), who explained that more than 40 avenues in the Sucre capital have already been intervened with maintenance and weeding days.

Aristides Rojas, Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Arismendi, Perimetral, Panamericana, Nueva Toledo, Carúpano, Universidad, Rotaria, Cancamure, are part of the avenues intervened with maintenance operations by Serviamsa crews.

Cleaning and maintenance plan

He emphasized that the cleaning program implemented by the local president, has as its fundamental purpose to clean up and beautify the different spaces of the town, to improve the quality of life of the Cumaneses.

"We are distributed in the different avenues of the Sucre municipality (Cumaná) doing these days for their maintenance and the beautification of our city," he said.

In this context, López explained that they also have 10 compactor trucks, which are also deployed in the different communities of the 7 parishes that make up the jurisdiction.

“We have implemented a work methodology that contemplates the deployment of compactor units twice a week in each of the sectors, to guarantee the constant collection of solid waste. The Serviamsa team is working throughout the municipality, giving answers with the Cleaning Plan”, he said.

He stressed that in the same way they have attended the so-called satellite dumps, where heavy machinery was activated for their eradication.

"We are eliminating these points created by the inhabitants themselves so that in Cumaná there is no space that generates contamination," he said.

Penalties will be applied to those who throw garbage on the streets

In this regard, the Serviamsa operations coordinator argued that all those people who contribute to environmental contamination by throwing garbage into the streets will be severely penalized, as part of the actions framed in this cleaning program applied by the municipality.

"Gentlemen, avoid throwing garbage in the streets because it will be sanctioned and they are severe enough for us to understand that we should not dirty our avenues, our spaces, much less the places where we live," López emphasized.

Progress in the placement of litter bins in Cumaná

In this sense, the Serviamsa operations coordinator reiterated that they are advancing with the placement of litter bins at strategic points in the city of Mariscala, such as squares, bus stops, among others, with the purpose of improving the capacity for solid waste collection. in the locality

In turn, he stressed that through these actions they seek to advance towards the creation of a clean and pleasant city. He urged the population to raise awareness and make correct use of garbage dispensers, since the participation of citizens is essential to achieve the goal of having a clean city.

He ratified that through the Autonomous Municipal Environmental Sanitation Service, the Cumaná mayor's office makes "great efforts" to strengthen and optimize the proper functioning of essential services in the municipality.

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