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They reinforce road safety on the Casanay – Caripito section

More than 200 officials will guarantee security on Trunk 10

In the state of Sucre, more than 200 military and police personnel were deployed on Trunk 10, specifically in the Casanay – Caripito section, with the aim of reinforcing the security and protection of citizens traveling through this important road artery.

The information was provided by the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (ZODI) No. 53 of the state of Sucre, V/A Luciano Francisco Fernández, who highlighted that 50 vehicles were also activated to strengthen patrols on this road section that connects the Sucrense entity with the Monagas state.

“We have deployed more than 200 officials, 14 vehicles, 20 motorcycles, two ambulances, all equipment that will guarantee the peace, tranquility and safety of the people who travel along this important stretch of road,” explained V/A Luciano Francisco. .

He affirmed that the deployment is part of the security policies, promoted by the Bolivarian Government through the Ministry of Defense and the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb), to guarantee the protection of the community.

“Here the ZODI together with all the security bodies have organized this deployment. We have personnel deployed in order to guarantee security and peace to all the population that lives in the area and to all those people who need to move between the states of Monagas and Sucre,” said the commander of Zodi 53.

In the company of the mayor of the municipality Andrés Eloy Blanco (Casanay), Elías Guerra, the V/A Luciano Francisco assured that in perfect civic-military integration, the strategic and defense policies in the eastern territory are reinforced, in order to continue counteracting the Groups Structured Organized Crime Groups (GEDO) that may be operating in the area.

“We remain in perfect civil-military union deployed, in order to counteract the GEDO that could be operating in the area, and guarantee free and safe transitability to the people who use Trunk 10,” said V/A Luciano. Francisco.

For his part, the mayor of Casanay, Elías Guerra, highlighted the commitment to continue working to strengthen peace and tranquility in Trunk 10.

“We will be day after day without fainting, working, so that tranquility reigns in this trunk, we will continue contributing and building policies that strengthen security and guarantee the protection and integrity of all our people,” the mayor pointed out.

They deployed 50 vehicles to strengthen patrols on trunk 10 

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