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They provide medical care to more than 400 women in Araya 

They received care in general medicine, ultrasound, physiatry and gynecology services.

About 400 women from the Cruz Salmerón Acosta municipality (Araya), Sucre state; They were treated during a medical care day carried out in the facilities of the “Virgen del Valle” hospital, in the jurisdiction.

The day where women were provided with care in general medicine, dentistry, gynecology, ultrasound, physiatry, obstetrics, deworming, vaccination, among other medical care, is part of the Great Venezuela Women Mission. Instance designed by President Nicolás Maduro, to strengthen the social protection of the female population in the national territory.

Fanny Silva, head of the number one summit of the Great Venezuela Women Mission, emphasized that with this deployment of medical care the right to health is guaranteed to the women of the Cruz Salmerón Acosta municipality, in compliance with the policies promoted by the Head of State Venezuelan.

“This is a wonderful day framed in vertex number one, where it establishes strengthening health protection for all women in the national territory. A deployment where we have provided care in more than nine specialties to our women from the Araya Peninsula,” she said.

He stated that together with the Sucre state public health network team, they will continue to be deployed throughout the 15 municipalities that make up the eastern geography, with the premise of providing well-being and tranquility to this important sector of society.

“We are going to develop these services in all the municipalities of the state of Sucre, so that women have access to all medical services for free. It is important to highlight that we also deliver the medications indicated by the specialists to each of the patients through the pharmacy service,” she expressed.

For her part, Rosaura Márquez, beneficiary of the event, extended her gratitude to the Bolivarian Government for this attention that allowed them to receive completely free medical care.

"Given the economic situation that the country is going through, it is difficult for many of us to go and undergo medical check-ups and, here we have received care in different services, we have even had X-rays performed and we are very grateful to the Bolivarian Government for this deployment ”Márquez pointed out.

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