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Marigüitar celebrates 49 years of culture and tourism

With tourist expo fairs and cultural events they celebrated the elevation to an autonomous municipality

The Bolívar municipality of Sucre state celebrated 49 years since it was elevated to an autonomous municipality with cultural events and tourist expo fairs, in which Mayor Héctor Frontado participated along with his people.

Plaza Mejía was one of the main stages for the commemoration, where artisans, plastic artists and chefs from Marigüitar gathered to exhibit their creativity and typical gastronomy in front of locals and visitors.

Painting, flavor and art were the key to the organization of the event carried out by the tourism department of the Bolívar municipality's mayor's office.

In addition, as part of the celebration, a Eucharist was held from the Bolívar parish church, where the president of the municipal chamber, Pablo Peinado, members of the Municipal Council and different regional authorities also participated.

After that, the act of floral offering was carried out before the father of the country, Simón Bolívar, and a solemn act was carried out to celebrate the date of such value for this municipality.

Joy and celebration in the streets

The 14 educational institutions that make life in the locality organized a parade that brought joy to the main streets and communities of the jurisdiction. This act was in charge of the children and young people who make up the schools and high schools.

Laura Serrano, representative of two girls who attend the Francisco Mejías National Educational Unit, expressed feeling very happy to accompany them on such a special day for her land: “They have been practicing for several weeks and it seems to me that all the children have done incredible.

The people of Marigüitar have come out to the doors of their houses to enjoy this high-level presentation, since they are putting a great deal of effort into it and that is applauded”.

Mari-Quitar Dances, emblematic group of the municipality, also delighted those present with their representative dances of the area and colorful outfits, as is customary.

Recognition to cultists

Within the framework of the anniversary of the Bolívar municipality, Mayor Héctor Frontado approved monthly economic compensation bonds for the living cultural heritage of Marigüitar.

Frontado stressed that it is an incentive for the invaluable work carried out by the growers in recent years in the eastern zone: “Today I want to congratulate you and thank you for the effort, dedication and temperance you have done for Bolívar. It is his hands that represent our land. It is his work that elevates the culture and idiosyncrasy of being from Marigüitense. We will continue working for a better place.”

History and Culture

Marigüitar is located to the south of the Gulf of Cariaco, 26 km from Cumaná, about 30 minutes, following the road that goes from Cumaná to Carúpano (troncal 9).

Its main characteristic is its various beaches, found along the way. Among them: Maygualida, Juana Josefa, Ensenada Onda, Guaracayar, among others.

Its main economic activity is fishing, however, the land is also worked and
They receive many tourists during the season.

According to investigations carried out by Dr. Arquímedes Román, chronicler of the capital city, he says that based on documents signed by the bishop of Puerto Rico, Don Juan Alonso Solís, this jurisdiction could have been founded in the year 1640.

It is the birthplace of the general in chief, Francisco de Asís Mejía, who participated in the war together with
the patriots since 1813; he was head of the Ministry of War and Navy, senator and deputy
congressional. He is an emblematic character in Marigüitense history.

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