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240 people will be operated on for cataracts and pterygium in Sucre

Ophthalmological surgical plan began at the Salvador Allende hospital, in Cumaná

In the state of Sucre, some 240 people will be operated on for cataracts and pterygium with the ophthalmological surgical plan carried out at the “Salvador Allende” hospital in Cumaná.

This was reported by the sole health authority in the state of Sucre, William Meneses, who highlighted that on the day people who made their request through the Venapp digital tool of the 1×10 Good Government system will be attended to. 

“We are starting this great day where we will respond to 240 patients who made the complaint through Venapp. A tool provided by President Nicolás Maduro, to meet the needs of the population,” said the official.

The sole authority explained that at least 48 people will be intervened daily during this special operation, which will take place until next Saturday, June 1.

“We are going to carry out this day for five days, where 24 patients are going to be operated on for each surgical table, that is, we are going to operate on 24 patients a day, which would be a total of 240 people,” Meneses explained.

He added that both pre-operative examinations and post-operative treatments are guaranteed free of charge to people.

“All supplies, examinations and treatment are being provided by the Milagros Mission,” he said.

He stressed that they plan to extend this surgical day in the Bermúdez municipality (Carúpano), to serve people from this municipality and the Paria Axis who suffer from cataract and pterygium pathologies.

“This day is starting in the Sucre municipality, but we are planning a new day for the Bermúdez municipality,” assured the sole health authority.

For her part, Laura Gutierrez, a resident of the city of Cumaná, thanked President Nicolás Maduro for the implementation of this government tool that has allowed her to once again have a clear vision.

“It has been more than 6 years that I have struggled to be able to see well and clearly. Starting today, I stop seeing gray and opaque leftovers. “I feel blessed and grateful,” Gutiérrez exclaimed.

In this context, Gutiérrez highlighted the good treatment and attention he received from all the medical staff. At the same time, he urged the population to trust in the 1 × 10 of Good Government. He said that it is a mechanism that has provided clear and timely solutions. “Don't doubt it, I am faithful evidence that 1 × 10 is effective,” he stated.

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