Quadrants of Peace and VEN 911 provide immediate response to the people

The National Coordinator of the Peace Quadrants of the Bolivarian National Police Corps, C / J William García, announced that the plan to boost the Peace Quadrants and their interconnection with VEN 911, is a model of approach for the communities.

He indicated that it is a triangulation of information between the VEN 911 Command, Control and Telecommunications Center, the Bolivarian National Police Corps (CPNB) and the communities to demand an immediate response at the time of a criminal request or report throughout the national territory.

“At the moment we have a pilot plan in Caracas with three quadrants, located in Ciudad Tiuna, Ciudad Caribia and in the El Recreo parish, we have been in these parishes doing follow-up, evaluating the responses to the requests of the citizens and the proximity to the police officer ”, he refers.

Regarding the formation of the Peace Tables, the CPNB's National Coordinator of Peace Quadrants reported that the process began through the approach of the coordinators of the parishes, the Communal Police and the communities, through assemblies of citizens and He added that each one has several committees (education, health, safety, food, among others).



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