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Yonathan Mendoza assures that work is the key

The utility man highlighted that the Aragüeño team has men with a lot of experience and strength

Yonathan Mendoza is a versatile player who has managed to earn a position in Samanes de Aragua, his power is key in each position he covers with the team.

Through the broadcast of LMBPTv in the meeting between Samanes de Aragua and Caciques de Distrito, a humorous interview was carried out with the third baseman of the Aragüeños.

From the field the player spoke a little about how he experiences the game from his position, he assures that the team is in gear and each one knows where they are going to move.

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“Our captain is the catcher (Jesús Sucre), he is in charge of calling the pitches and moving the infield as much as possible and we also, with experience and knowing the hitters, are positioning ourselves on the field,” he assured.

The utility man also indicated that work is the key to being able to perform in various positions on the field.

“I have to thank, there are many people who have helped me, but also the work of being in all positions and being consistent with that is what has given me the results,” he expressed.

To conclude, Mendoza stated: “You have to have reflexes and not be afraid of anything here on the field, in third it is mostly practice for the different types of plays.”

Samanes closed the duel against the capital's team with a final score of 8-7 and is currently in third place in the LMBP table with a record of 8-7.

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