Víctor Mejía will provide brand and presence in the midfield

Brand, physical power and knowledge of the league, all in a foreign player. Achieving such a combination in Venezuelan football is not common and Zulia Fútbol Club, facing the 2021 season of the FUTVE League, has secured it in the boots of Colombian Víctor Mejía.

Víctor Danilo Mejía has known since 2019 what it is to tour the country's courts. That year he arrived from Deportivo Pasto and began to stand out for his 1,83 height in the front row of steering wheels, in addition to his good idea and versatility to play. In the last two years he has collected more than 40 games and three thousand minutes in the Venezuelan honor division.

"I have felt very comfortable", Mejía assures with great aplomb during the soccer conversation. “I know what Zulia FC represents, that's why I didn't hesitate to come to this club. Personally, I feel better and better and adapt more and more every day. I came to be someone important to the team. There is leadership in each line and that is very important for the challenges we have outlined ", Stressed.

In fact, Mejía was one of the first foreigners to join the discipline of the club based in La Victoria, Maracaibo. As a foreigner, he knows that he cannot give advantages, much more in a set with a lot of depth in the middle such as black-blue.

“Having that healthy competition forces you to be at the best level, there are no spaces to relax. But also, that the coach has several options should give us peace of mind because we know that the partner who plays is going to do it in the best way. Everything that is in favor of the team adds up ", Mejía finished.

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