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Tucupita Marcano is suspended from the MLB

The player made these bets when he was injured but was part of the Pirates

Major League Baseball announced the lifetime suspension of Venezuelan baseball player Tucupita Marcano after violating its sports betting regulations while he was an active player. 

In short, the cirollo violated rule 21(d)(2) which indicates that any player, official, referee or employee of a club who places a sports bet will be declared permanently illegible in the Major Leagues. 

The information was released after the publication of the MLB statement released by various journalists such as Jayson Stark and Noah Hiles.

The text details that the Venezuelan made a total of 387 baseball bets, including 231 related to the MLB between October 16, 2022 and November 1, 2023.

During that period, the Venezuelan invested an amount of $150,000 and 25 of those games were betting in favor of the Pittsburgh Pirates while he was injured in his knee. However, these bets were made while he was still on the team and receiving treatment for said injury. 

The MLB document maintains that Marcano lost all the bets he made in favor of the Pirates and could only win 4,3% of all the bets he made in the Major Leagues.

Likewise, the document states that there is no type of evidence in which the results of said matches have been affected or influenced by the bets that Marcano made. 

The list also included the one-year suspensions of players Michael Kelly (Athletics), Jay Groome (Padres), José Rodríguez (Phillies) and Andrew Saalfrank (Cascabeles). 

“Strict enforcement of Major League Baseball's rules and policies governing in-game conduct is a critical component of upholding our most important priority: protecting the integrity of our games for fans,” said Commissioner Rob Manfred. 

“The long-standing prohibition against betting on Major League Baseball games by those who practice the sport has been a fundamental principle for more than a century,” he concluded. 

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