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The baseball world shaken by Acuña Jr.'s injury.

Cataloged among the MLB superstars, the “Abuser” is also a show on the field of play

Ronald Acuña Jr. has hit 165 home runs, stolen 196 bases and posted a .903 OPS in his career. He is the only player in Major League history to have hit 145 or more homers, stolen 190 or more sacks and had an OPS of at least .900 through his age-26 campaign.

And the most surprising thing is that he surpassed stars like Willie Mays or Hank Aaron, with the difference that these current Hall of Famers did not experience the physical mishaps that the “Abuser” has suffered since he debuted and was Rookie of the Year in 2018.

Starting because he lost a month of said harvest that year after making his MLB debut a few weeks after opening day. He was then limited to 46 games during the 19 Covid-2020 campaign and only played 82 games before tearing the cruciate ligament in his right knee two days before the 2021 All-Star break.
Later in 2022 he had a regular year for his abilities, while regaining confidence in the affected knee.

And last year he more than recovered it, achieving one of the best campaigns by a major league in the history of the MLB. Apart from being the first player with seventy steals and forty home runs, he also líderor the majors in hits (217) and runs scored (149), in addition to being in the top three places in other departments, actions that very deservedly led him to be MVP of the National League.

And despite the slow start to this championship, it was already showing signs of recovery in this month of May. He hit .250 with a .716 OPS and only 13 extra-base hits this year... but four of those extra-base hits (two doubles, a triple, a home run), including Sunday's double, came in his last 31 at-bats, where he hit .290 .

Hence, the complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee is not only a blow for Venezuelan baseball, but for major league baseball and the world, which considers him one of the true superstars of the moment.

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And in a report from it is noted that our compatriot “could be ready at the beginning of next season. But we have already seen that the first year after this injury is difficult both mentally and physically. And now he will have to prove that he can still be an elite player with two surgically repaired knees. “Any child who sees Ronald Acuña Jr. wants to be like him, and we all hope to dream with him again soon.”

More forceful is Will Leitch, also from “After what we saw from Acuña in 2022, when he played cautiously due to his operated knee before returning with everything in 2023, it is not unreasonable to think that maybe not Let's see the Acuña we know and love until... 2026? By then, he will be 29 years old, approaching 30, just when players start to lose a step or two. This does not mean that Acuña will not be an excellent player again. After all, he is Ronald Acuña Jr. But the best Acuña? The one who could do everything better than almost anyone else? I hope we can see that version again.”

However, the willpower and confidence that Ronald José Acuña Blanco possesses suggests another successful return in the medium term, as long as injuries do not mark him again.

In addition, other compatriots experienced the same injury and returned to play for another few years. One is Wilson Ramos (up to three times: 2012 and 2016 on the right knee and in 2021 on the left); and another is Gregorio Petit.

As a consolation, Ronald knows that despite this serious injury, he will not have to worry about the money factor, since he will receive 17 million dollars at the end of this tournament, because he signed a guaranteed contract for eight harvests for 100 million dollars in 2019, which expires in 2026. And rest assured that he will fight with quality for another one.

A lot of patience for the injury to heal completely.

Is the career of the “Abuser” over? Thousands of fans in both Venezuela and the United States are already wondering about this complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee.

Of course, anyone will wonder, and of course Acuña Jr. himself and the Atlanta management, how the outfielder's recovery will evolve once he undergoes surgery to repair the damaged area.

Through the @BeisbolPlay X account, the opinion of Germán Medina, a prominent Venezuelan trauma doctor, who rescued the careers of former pitcher Mike Torrez, among others, was obtained. He noted; “It is really an uncertainty to know how Ronald Acuña Jr. will return, after two operations to repair the anterior cruciate ligament in both knees. Everything will depend on the genetic condition for his recovery.”

As to whether having participated in the 2023-2024 LVBP campaign could have influenced the injury, he was blunt: “It has nothing to do with having played in Venezuela.”

Pedro Guerra, also a doctor and traumatology specialist, agrees on this point: “The injury was the result of some small previous tear that Ronald had. If you see the play, the movement he made in the play, it was not for an injury of that magnitude.”

But if he is optimistic about returning to the playing fields: “He is not going to lose speed. And remember that he also experienced a recovery process for the same injury, but to his right knee in 2021. That is, he already lived this experience and that will help him comply well with the treatment. If he follows the recovery protocols, he will be 100%.

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Of course, you should be careful not to make unnecessary movements with strong impact.”

And the physiotherapist Ydalmis Bravo specified: “The physiotherapy treatment will depend on the degree of the injury... but the recovery phases must also be carried out precisely.”

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