Sharks of La Guaira began their training

The Sharks of La Guaira officially began their training sessions for the 2021-2022 season of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

The appointment was at 2:00 in the afternoon at the University Stadium in Caracas, where manager Dennis Malavé conducted his first practice as boss of the sharks.

“We were fortunate to have a large number of players (28 in total) who joined today and showed commitment on this first day,” were Malavé's first statements to the Sharks press department.

Among the attendees were the experienced MLB pitcher, Edubray Ramos and the well-known Rafael Cova, Jorgan Cavanerio and Víctor Díaz, who like Ramos, held bullpen sessions.

“It is important to have them and their talent. They, the young people and all those who are about to join are important to us ”, confessed Malavé.

Today's training was a bit limited due to the maintenance of the University park, but that did not stop the day's work: “It was a productive day. We had the opportunity as technical staff to serve the players. Their desire and commitment are present and that is important ”.

A total of 12 pitchers worked their bullpen under the supervision of the coaching staff, which in addition to Malavé, had the presence of José Moreno (bench), Jackson Melián (batting) and Luis Hernández (first).

Due to the conditions (in restructuring) of the terrain, it was not possible to perform batting practice. However, strategist Malavé took his hitters to the club house's internal batting cage for about two hours.

The practices will be held at the UCV stadium at 02:00 in the afternoon.

La Guaira Sharks Press



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