Sharks beat Tigres with hits

Sharks beat Tigres with hits

A hitting festival was held in the stadium of the University City of Caracas, where the La Guaira Sharks managed to prevail against Tigres de Aragua 17-11.

In a compromise, where both ninths forgot about pitching, the Littoralenses were more deploying 19 hits.

Juan Fernández and Luis Avilés Jr. monopolized all the salty production.

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Fernández drove in 6 runs and went 4-for-3, while Aviles managed to produce 4 with 3 hits in 5 at-bats.

For their part, the Bengalis supported the offensive by Wilson García and Deiner López, who drove two each.

In this way, the littoralenses extend the agony of the Tigers, who add four defeats in a row.



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