Salvy sealed another accolade after historic MLB season

Salvy sealed another accolade after historic MLB season

This Wednesday, Salvador Pérez received the Luis Aparicio award, in an event that covered beyond sports and where the mask showed that the merits to be recognized start from the personality.

Former big league player Ángel Bravo was in charge of delivering the distinction to the Royals player, who made history in the Major Leagues.

"It was an intense year," Perez said after receiving the award, thanks to the year he had in Las Mayores where he led the home runs and RBI departments.

The 30-year-old player took the opportunity to talk about his new mark imposed on the best baseball in the world for a receiver.

Records are to be broken. It was a tremendous year, thank God for keeping me healthy, "said the catcher, who hopes to play the playoffs with the Royals in 2022.

Experiences and messages of 'Salvy'

The event, where the media from all over the country were able to participate, also served to get to know the player beyond sports.

The mask also sent a message to the new generations who want to make life in baseball.

“To parents, let the children have fun that they burn their stages, that they do not see this as a business. Children have to study, because they can sign a thousand, but not a thousand will reach the Major Leagues.

In that sense, he recalled that baseball for him was always "a hobby, a diversion," he added that at the age of 15 he discovered that he could sign.

«If they spend 5 years in the minors they will be 21 years old, they did not graduate from high school. What career are you going to study? », He stressed.

Dream about playing in the LVBP

On the other hand, the media present did not miss the opportunity to learn about his return to the Venezuelan ball.

"If I want to play in Venezuela, hope it will be soon," said 'Salvy', who specified that he would like to play with any team in the league.

«I dream of playing here again, with La Guaira if it doesn't change me. With the Leones del Caracas, with any team. But that is not my decision.



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