Roybert Echeverría goes out to look for a new victory

Venezuelan fighter Roybert Echeverría rises to the Octagon tonight to defend his undefeated against tough rival, Kyrgyz striker Samarbe Sabyrzhan.

The fight will be within the TFC68 card and agreed to three rounds at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, the usual venue for the Titan Figthing Championship events, a company where the Venezuelan plays.

"The Unbroken" reaches this commitment with a 3-0 record, after getting its last victory on February 12 by submission. It has its clear objective, which is to continue increasing its record.

"My preparation has been quite good, I resumed training two days after my last fight, this time I return to my (fly) weight, in the past I had to go up," said Echeverría.

The opponent on duty for Maturín's will be difficult, the Asian has an immaculate 5-0, with mastery of Brazilian art, but this will not be an impediment for the Oriental, “I don't focus much on my opponent, I just look at In my strategy, I know that he does jiujitsu from the little I have seen, but I will try to impose my game in the best possible way.

The 25-year-old martial artist overcame the scale this Thursday at the official weigh-in, his rival if he had certain problems when getting on the scale.

The strategy for this skirmish is defined and adheres to the Venezuelan's fighting style, “I will seek to finish the fight as soon as possible, be it by striking or submission, that is the objective to win in whatever way necessary ”, concluded the native of Monagas state.



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