On the ball | Only 53 players made the Hall of Fame in their first year

The niches in Cooperstown are of equal value in terms of immortality. The 333 elevated to those heights, are considered the best in the history of baseball.

However, we all know that Mariano Rivera is not the same with one hundred percent of the votes in 2018, in addition, in his first year as a candidate, than Larry Walker, 2020, in his tenth year and with 76.6%. But Walker is on a higher level than those who have been elected by Veterans Committees, which is considered a consolation prize… That's life.

It is not easy to receive the votes of journalists. Of the 134 players elected by the Major League Baseball Writers Association, only Mariano has received 53 percent of the vote, and only XNUMX have been raised on his first try.

It's been 151 years of Major League Baseball, during which about 20 players have appeared. And we have been voting for 500 years, since 85.

In addition to Mariano, there have been two with more than 99%, Derek Jeter, 99.75% (396 of 397) and Ken Griffey son 99.32% (437 of 440), in 2016.

The list of the 53 who managed to reach the Hall of Fame in their first chance, is very interesting. Five from Latin America appear.

For obvious reasons, I don't include the first-year five, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth, and Honus Wagner. The list of Latin Americans elected in their first appearance can be counted on one hand.

It is made up of the Panamanian reliever Mariano Rivera 2019, the only one in history to enter with the unanimous vote of all voters; the Puerto Rican mask Iván Rodríguez 2017: the Dominican pitcher Pedro Martínez 2015; Panamanian infielder Rod Carew 1991, and Puerto Rican outfielder Roberto Clemente 1973.

The rest: Derek Jeter 2020, Roy Halladay 2019, Chipper Jones 2018, Jim Thome 2018, Ken Griffey Jr. 2016, Randy Johnson 2015, John Smoltz 2015, Tom Glavine 2014, Greg Maddux 2014, Frank Thomas 2014.

Rickey Henderson 2009, Tony Gwynn 2007, Cal Ripken 2007, Wade Boggs 2005, Dennis Eckersley 2004, Paul Molitor 2004, Eddie Murray 2003, Ozzie Smith 2002, Kirby Puckett 2001, Dave Winfield 2001.

George Brett 1999, Nolan Ryan 1999, Robin Yount 1999, Mike Schmidt 1995, Steve Carlton 1994, Reggie Jackson 1993, Tom Seaver 1992, Joe Morgan 1990, Jim Palmer 1990, Johnny Bench 1989.

Carl Yastrzemski 1989, Willie Stargell 1988, Willie McCovey 1986, Lou Brock 1985, Brooks Robinson 1983, Hank Aaron 1982, Frank Robinson 1982, Bob Gibson 1981, Al Kaline 1980, Willie Mays 1979.

Ernie Banks 1977, Mickey Mantle 1974, Warren Spahn 1973, Sandy Koufax 1972, Stan Musial 1969, Ted Williams 1966, Bob Feller 1962, Jackie Robinson 1962.

Sadahary Oh hit 868 home runs in 22 years

Since the steroids era, not as many home runs have been taken as in these days with live ball, specially manufactured bats, better physical and mental preparation of hitters and constant use of videos to know the pitchers.

With his 714 home runs, Babe Ruth was the longest-running all-time leader in the majors of anybody so far, 39 years old. Then Hank Aaron, 755 and later Barry Bonds, 762. In Japan, the king is Sadaharu Oh. In 22 seasons he pulled it out 868 times, more than anyone else in the world.

And the most powerful in Latin America, the Mexican Héctor Espino, could not play in the Major Leagues, due to economic disagreements. Jonroneros accused of steroids: Bonds, Alex Rodríguez, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Manny Ramírez, José Canseco.

Best show is the home run inside the park

Before 1920, the year Ruth made it to the Yankees, most home runs were within the parks. The champion was left-handed Jesse Cail Burkett, who between 1890 and 1905, scored 75, of which 55 were legs. Ty Cobb, whose career was almost all before Ruth, hit 117 home runs, 46 inside the stadium. Now, which home run is more exciting? Shooting hits over fences is a natural skill, which can only be improved on a small scale. Whereas connecting a line and sprinting is a very special athletic endeavor.



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