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Maduro declared the Motopirueta as a national sport

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, declared motorcycle pirouettes as a national sport, an announcement made at an event held in the parking lot of the Poliedro de Caracas this Saturday, within the framework of the First Meeting of Motopiruetists, where about 10 participants performed for the President. .

Mimou Vargas, president of the Together for Peace Movement, assured that a project was developed and delivered to the National Assembly so that this activity could be decreed as a national sport.

“We have to end the repression and discrimination against motorcycle riders,” Maduro stated and said that they will have all the support of the Executive so that this sport can develop throughout the country.

He also said that the Poliedro parking lot will become a great track for motorcycle pirouettes. “Long live the motopirueta and the Venezuelan youth,” he declared.

Likewise, together with the president of the Great Young Venezuela Mission, Génesis Garvett, the president assured that he will financially support motorized riders and the new motorcycle pirouette movement. To this end, the project that Vargas delivered to the president included carrying out a national census of the country's motorcycle clubs.

President Maduro received a Toro brand motorcycle as a gift from the Venezuelan motorcycle pirouette movement.

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