Llaneros relies on the triple to beat Diablos

To close the day of this Tuesday of the Super League Cup, Diablos de Miranda (3-4) faced Llaneros de Guárico (1-3). The game marked the first win for Iván García's quintet, which continues to dream of qualifying for the postseason, Diablos now has a negative record. The final result was 80-74 for Llaneros.   

The first quarter of the game passed without major interruptions, between both teams they only committed 2 fouls, in the 10 minutes of action. Something that served Llaneros, supported by the triples of José “Tiburon” Martínez (2 in the period), first took the lead on the scoreboard and ended up winning 16-13 in the fourth. One that didn't stop, not for a second.

For the second quarter, those led by Iván García (Llaneros) remained solid in attack and good attack-defense transitions, which continued to complicate Diablos de Miranda. Guárico's men even took an 11-point lead (34-23). Concluded the first half the "Llanera Fury" prevailed 40-33. 

The second half began with an offensive display of side and side; triples by Cristian Centeno, Yerri Flores and José Martínez for Llaneros, while Leinfer Montes de Oca, Argenis Indriago and Martín Escobar answered for Diablos. The Mirandian offense finished appearing at the end of the set and took advantage for the first time in the game, although a triple by Francisco Márquez tied 57.

For the last quarter each team showed their best weapon, Devils with penetrations and play in the paint; while Llaneros relied on the perimeter shot, mainly from the Dominican Yerri Flores, who finished with 22 points and led Guárico's team to their first win of the tournament. The final score was 80-74 in favor of Llaneros.  

Yerri Flores stood out in the attack of Iván García's team, with 22 points and down 1 rebound. Meanwhile, José “Tiburon” Martínez accompanied him scoring 16 points (4 triples), capturing 3 rebounds and giving 4 assists.

For Diablos, Kelvin Caraballo finished with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. Argenis Indriago escorted him with 15 points and 3 assists. 

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