Kevin Niño dresses up as a Hero in Falcón's victory

Héroes de Falcón achieved its first victory in the basketball Super League by beating Bucaneros de La Guaira 88 by 84 in overtime, in a match that was held at the José Joaquín Papá Carrillo (Parque Miranda). Kevin Niño would be the figure of the match for those from the coast, with 33 points and the basket that would tie the match, forcing additional time.

Falcón forward with child and Pérez

Héroes took the lead in the first quarter 22/11, taking advantage of the spaces left by the Bucaneros defense that was not found in this period.

The player Kevin Niño contributed 10 points in the attack for Falcón, while Rafael “El chamo” Pérez's triple basket would give the advantage in the set.

In the second section, the La Guaira team improved its defense which left a partial equal to 16 points, for Héroes the same scheme was maintained, looking for spaces, in rotation of the ball, to be able to reach the break with an advantage of 11 (38 / 27).

The La Guiara team relied on Emiro Hernández (6), and Bryant Duran (4), to cut distance in the first minutes of the period, while Héroes maintained the same routine, with Kevin Niño (4), towards the board and in the long distance with Rafael Pérez who scored twice.

Buccaneers traced

Bucaneros' offense woke up in the third section, taking the set 26/13 to take advantage, before the last quarter by one point (53/52).

Those led by Néstor Salazar were more aggressive towards the board, breaking the defensive schemes, with the collective work within the paint and the long distance shots of Leunan Díaz. Falcón squeezed in the last minutes with Steven Quiroz and Kevin Niño to leave the period for the minimum.

Kid Kevin Moment

Heroes would take the duel in the last quarter 22/21 to tie the game at 74 and force overtime.

A very even period at the start, until the final seven minutes where Falcón would again take the advantage in the match with Rafael Pérez's triple basket.

In the last minute Emiro Hernández de Bucaneros threw the team on his shoulder with eight points to tie and take advantage in the last. Falcón coach Mario Andriolo, asked for a time to organize a last play, where Kevin Niño would tie the match forcing extra time.

Already in extra time, Falcón's overwhelming pace was maintained thanks to the individual plays of Kevin Niño who with his six points broke the tie, and helped in the final result.

Kenvin Niño with 33 points, five rebounds and six assists was the figure for Héroes, accompanied by Rafael Pérez with 17 points, five triples, seven rebounds and Steven Quiroz with 14 points, five rebounds.

With this victory, Falcón has a record of a victory for three defeats (5pts), ranking sixth in the group “A” table, while Bucaneros is seventh with a victory for two setbacks (4pts).

In Bucaneros, the work of Emiro Hernández stood out with 22 points, six assists, Leunan Díaz with 16 points, 11 rebounds and Bryant Duran with 13 points.

In the closing by Buccaneers Leunan Díaz commented; “We have to learn from defeat. We still lack experience to close the matches, but we have to keep working to improve on those details ”.

Kevin Niño de Héroes highlighted; “A very intense match, where we achieved an important victory against a direct rival. In this team I have a more leading role, so I have to always be focused without neglecting any detail in the game ".

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