Félix Carvallo joined the Caracas training sessions

Félix Carvallo joined the training sessions of the Caracas Lions at the UCV stadium for the LVBP season that will begin on October 23.

«I come from a good season with Lions. With Senators remaining champion (LMBP). It has been a tremendous year. I have focused more on working on my pitching, on working well with left-handed hitters, which is what I do the most. I am happy with the work I have been doing, "said Carvallo.

“He's been successful against rights in the last few seasons, always attacking hitters. I have felt good against rights too. In this league they use one against lefties, but thank God now I pitch well to rights and so the team can use me much more, "said the southpaw.

It has launched in Germany and this year it was going to France. «They are beautiful experiences that one has had. This year I was going to France (Huskies de Rouen), but I decided to stay in Venezuela, really happy with the work I did, "concluded the pitcher.



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