Decisive! Sandoval left to give the victory to the Braves

Venezuelan Pablo Sandoval led the Atlanta Braves offense, which completed the sweep of the Washington Nationals with a 2-run, 0 victory.

In a double shift, Those of Atlanta prevailed in the first round with Ronald Acuña Jr, who connected three hits to win XNUMX-XNUMX.

In the second game, Sandoval, who came out as a pinch hitter, hit the fairway with a running back on board and ended up driving in every engagement run.

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'El panda' broke zero in the last game episode (7th inning), after a pitching duel between Stephen Strasburg and Huascar Ynoa, who only allowed one and two hits respectively.

The 34-year-old Venezuelan came in to replace catcher Alex Jackson and came out at the bottom of that same chapter for Ender Inciarte, who was left in left field.

Thus, Sandoval, who has only had four plate appearances this season, is hitting .500 with two hits, both homers and four RBIs.



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