David Rodríguez headed Braves' victory against Sharks

Bravos relied on eleven undisputed, and this Wednesday beat Sharks 8-7.

David Rodríguez connected 4-2 with an RBI to guide the insular attack, while Erick Salcedo closed 2-1 with a pair of RBIs and scored.

In the same first inning Junior Sosa, Danry Vasquez and Daniel Mayora combined to produce the first three touchdowns of the game.

In the sixth act the insular bats made themselves felt and scored seven runs to take advantage on the board.

The salty ones responded and in the eighth they tied the actions. However, at the end of the same inning, Dennis Ortega sealed the triumph of the Braves who won for the seventh time in the last ten challenges.

Carlos Navas (2-1) won,. Arnaldo Hernández (0-1) took the loss.



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