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César García takes a new breath in Gaiteros

The player highlighted that the Zulian team is in good shape and has good pieces in the squad.

César García, is one of the Venezuelan basketball players who stands out for his quality of play on the courts, with an outstanding career he reached Zulia gaitars on loan from Cocodrilos de Caracas in 2023.

 This season, despite a start as a substitute, he has known how to earn the starting position in the Zulian team, this Wednesday he was one of the most outstanding in the victory against Panteras de Miranda.

García left 17 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists on the court, his best mark during the 2024 campaign of the Professional Basketball Super League (SPB), in statements for Líder In Sports, the forward assured that he feels good about the game he played.

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“Panteras is a pretty good and quite young team, thank God we managed to divide on the road and that is something very good for the team,” he indicated.

At the same time, he highlighted that the Mirandino team has good pieces, but Gaiteros has experienced players who leave everything in each match.

“Panteras is a fairly fast team that has quite talented players, but we have players like Kevin Niño, Yoshuar Palacios and Jovanni Díaz, Venezuelans with quite a bit of experience (…) That is what is helping us right now to achieve victories, we have a good streak and that is quite positive for us,” he expressed.

A change in the team

García highlighted that the team has had a positive change with new coach Julio Duquela who took command of the team after the departure of Spaniard Ricardo “Richi” González.

 “Without any intention of underestimating the work that Ricardo “Richi” González did, since the new coach arrived he made us understand the role of each person within the team,” said the Venezuelan.

The player also expressed that he has a new role in the Gaiteros squad and that has made him gain more confidence.

“With Richi I was not a starter now, I am opening and I have given results, more than anything in defense this is my first game with +10 goals, thank God the points fell (…) I am working hard physically and being prepared for what that the team needs,” he assured.

Finally, García thanked both national basketball and Gaiteros del Zulia for their support this season.

“Keep supporting basketball, there is a lot of talent in Venezuela and I am happy with the championship,” he concluded.

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