Venezuelan horses shine in Puerto Rico

As the days go by and the dates of the events that make up the Caribbean Horse Series approach, the Venezuelan horses have been adapting to the Camarero Racetrack track and are already beginning to attract the attention of local and foreign horse racing.

In effect, the undefeated and triple-crowned Sandovalera is already quite adapted to the Puerto Rican racetrack and the work plan carried out by the Venezuelan coach Oscar Manuel González is being fulfilled, according to statements by the prominent Venezuelan professional.

On Tuesday, for example, King Seraf's daughter was taken to the game apparatus, so that the filly could get used to it. Helped by the racetrack staff, she was square and although she looked slightly nervous, she remained calm and after a while she was taken out.

Another that draws attention is Strength Mask, the 3-year-old colt, son of Jupiter Pluvius, who has four victories and a second place in five presentations and who will represent Venezuelan horse racing in the Speed ​​Cup, an event where the horses born in this country they have traditionally done well.

Persecuted and José Enrique have aroused praise after their exercises. The former has a victory in the Clásico José Antonio Páez, first of the triple crown and according to reports, his rapid adaptation has aroused positive comments.

The colt José Enrique, for his part, has not won selective tests in his country, where he has been impressed by the ease with which he has triumphed in three common races.

According to the reports received, all the Venezuelan horses, which will go to different commitments in the events of the Equestrian Series, are in good physical condition, eating well.

Although there are still a few days before the Caribbean Equestrian Series takes place, those close to the different horses aspire for them to arrive in good physical shape on the days of the races.

The Puerto Rican horse race has taken pains to show an event of hierarchy.

New substitution

The seven-year-old Thirstforlife will replace Big Lemon in the group of four foreign runners that will represent Puerto Rico in the Imported Invitational Cup.



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