Bravos retaliated against Caracas

After the defeat on Thursday, the Margarita Braves retaliated against the Caracas Lions and won this Friday 5-4 at the La Guaira Forum.

A 4-race rally in the first episode was decisive, after the people from the capital tried to react but could not reach them.

Although the long-haired ones discounted with three lines in the fifth inning, a home run by Luis Castro extinguished the Caracas attempt, which continued to try with a homerun by Anthony Giménez in the sixth.

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It should be noted that the long-haired ones maintained activity on the bases in most of the episodes, but the timely hit did not arrive and they left 10 runners on the pads.

Breyvic Valera was the most productive player for the Margarita Braves in their league debut.

Valera hit a triple and drove in two runs to start his fifth season with the island team.



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