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Braves sentenced comeback in extrainnings

With five runs in the ninth and three in the tenth, Bravos de Margarita completed the comeback against Tigres de Aragua and took the 12-10 victory.

The insular, who were all the commitment down on the scoreboard, manufactured a five-race rally in the ninth to turn the board.

Although the scratches tied it at the end of the inning, in the tenth, the lack of control took hold of the pitchers and the islanders took the opportunity to get ahead on the scoreboard with three lines.

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In this way, the Bengali revolver threw away the work done by Guillermo Moscoso as a starter, who worked 5 full innings and only allowed one run.

Now, Aragua adds his fifth consecutive defeat and continues in the basement of the table with a 3-9 record.

For her part, Margarita continues to lead the championship with 9 wins and 4 losses.