Vinotinto feminine draws against the Basque team

The women's Vinotinto drew without goals with the Basque team and the Spanish won the first edition of the 'Basque Country International Football Cup' that has been played at the facilities of the Real Sociedad de Zubieta.

With the victory achieved in the second game against Argentina by 1-0, added to the draw against Vinotinto, they ended up giving the title to the Basques in this tournament played in three 45-minute matches.

The criollas fell 1-0 to the Albiceleste team with a goal from Mariana Larroquette after half an hour of play, a result that allowed Carlos Borrello's players to finish in second place ahead of the Venezuelan team.

The national team led by the Italian, Pamela Conti, enjoyed several occasions to achieve victory, the clearest was a shot by Joemar Guarecuco at eight minutes that crashed into the crossbar of the Basque goal.

In the 22nd and 34th minutes, the Basque goalkeeper, Amaia Peña, saved her team with two good interventions on shots from Oriana Altuve and Kareylen Capdevilla.



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