Venezuelans are the X factor of the Brewers

Without any competition, the Milwaukee Brewers have reigned in the center of the National League all season. And this Saturday they finally sealed their ticket to the playoffs for the fourth year in a row.

The task is almost done. Regarding the St. Louis Cardinals, the "magic number" to pocket the division title was reduced to three games.

They have crowned an amazing campaign and a lot has to do with Venezuelans: Omar Narváez, Avisail García, Manny Piña and newcomer Eduardo Escobar.

Narvaez He gave them all the push they needed before the All-Star Game, further distinguishing himself as one of the best hitters in the first half.

The 29-year-old from Maracay hit .300 during those first three months, hitting 20 extra-base hits and driving in 26 runs.

Avisail has done the same after the summer classic to keep the hoppy cause afloat. In the 44 games he has played in the second half, he has averaged .295 with 11 homers and 21 RBIs.

Furthermore, “Avi” and Luis Urías are the only qualified hitters on the team, the only ones who have played at least 125 of the 145 games in the regular round.

Taking into account the entire season, Narváez and Avisail are offensive leaders of the team.

Only Willy Adames, who has acted in just 88 games, surpasses "Narvy" with an average of .294, who overall league for .280.


"El de La Pica" Eduardo Escobar, who has only 33 games with the hops, is the fifth best bat of the ninth with a .271 average, six home runs and 17 RBIs.

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In that ranking of averages Avisail is seventh (.269), but in the home runs he is the leader and in RBIs the same. The Venezuelan outfielder has connected 27 hits, seven more than his personal limit imposed in 2019, and has towed 82 lines.

Shoulder to shoulder, in the fifth and sixth place of the club's home runners, they are Manny Pineapple (12) and Narvaéz (11).

In Milwaukee, there is not a single offensive department in which at least two Venezuelans do not appear in the Top 5.

So yes, this ranking and this overwhelming success has the primary colors stamped on it and about eight stars.

From you to you with the greats

The Brewers have learned to win against all odds and have become, without needing fancy names, a tough team to beat.

On the old circuit, where the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers are colossi, Milwaukee leads in strikeouts with 1493, is third in ERA with 3.37 and is also the third team that has allowed the fewest earned runs with 492.

And when it comes to offense they are fifth in runs scored with 688, sixth in RBIs with 652 and seventh in home runs with 180.

In the fight for the League there are stronger teams. In addition to San Francisco and Los Angeles, there are also the Braves taking advantage of a prodigious youth and the Phillies obtaining good dividends from their millionaire payroll of more than 165 million dollars.

But with everything and that, there are the Brewers, in one way or another adding wins, playing good baseball and doing the little things. It is inevitable not to stop to observe them because when things are done well, anything can happen.



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