Jetsons signed up for the postseason

Jetsons de Miranda beats Llaneros de Guárico 71-64 to qualify for the Quarter Finals of the Basketball Super League, which is in the final stretch.

The game started with a good rhythm and Jetsons took the first quarter 21-16. However, the trend changed and the defense took control, allowing just 20 goals between the two teams, 14 of them for Llaneros, who went into the break with a 30-27 advantage.

In the complement Tulio Cobos fought in the paint against Kelvin Caraballo. But the latter managed to score 13 points and grabbed 10 decisive rebounds for Jetsons to take the game.

Cobos finished the match with 20 points, but failed to reverse Llaneros' defeat.

"Today we had to fight against a great team, with experienced players. Everyone was able to give their contribution, both Michael (Carrera), Javinger (Vargas) and all the players on the team. In the end we were able to get the victory, with the good news of qualifying, '' said Caraballo, who in points was only surpassed by the experienced Michael Carrera (14 points).

With this result, Llaneros complicates their qualifying aspirations by leaving a 3-6 mark. His only option is to win the three remaining commitments and hope that other results will favor him.

So far, Spartans from the Capital District, Giants from Guayana, Centauros from Portuguesa, Guaiqueríes from Margarita and Jetsons are the teams classified for the postseason.

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