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Robinson Chirinos enjoys seeing his son's work

He and his son David are the second father-son duo to share a club in the LMBP

When Robinson Chirinos was faced with the possibility of directing Marineros de Carabobo, The first name that came to mind was his son's., also catcher David Chirinos, whom the former 11-season Major League player saw as the right one to have his first opportunity in the Major League of Professional Baseball (LMBP).

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“(David) is in the signing process - in the MLB - and I spoke about it with Luis (Blasini, president of the Carabobo organization). I told him that I would like him to have his first opportunity here,” Robinson Chirinos told José Ángel Rodríguez of

In that sense, Robinson Chirinos has witnessed how David adheres to the discipline of being a catcher. That undoubtedly fills him with satisfaction and leaves the father nothing more than pleased and convinced that he can go far and even overcome it, a desire that is logical in every father: to see how his daughter overcomes it.

It should be noted that, along with David, Robinson is the second father and son couple to share a club in the LMBP, after Juan Querecuto Sr. did the same with Juan Querecuto Jr. last year as manager and pitcher of Samanes de Aragua.

“Seeing it come true, watching him hit that day, was special. After the game, I showed him a video of the UCV park full in a Caracas-Magallanes, so that he could see the magnitude of the place where he was making his debut,” Robinson Chirinos explained to the aforementioned portal about the debut of his son. That, during the victory of the current LMBP champions 16-10 over Caciques de Distrito on May 22.

Nervous, but he got the result at his premiere

David recounted the moment of his debut, they had told him that he was going to pinch hit. He was obviously nervous, but he managed to make the adjustment and get the hit; his first as a professional in Venezuela.

At 16 years old, his most immediate goal is to agree with an MLB organization in the 2025 signing period. Of course he has the support and advice of his father, who predicts a good future for him as a hitter.

“I have told many scouts, and it is not because he is my son, that he is going to hit more than me,” the Mariners helmsman told “At 16 years old I did not have the discipline that he shows at the plate, nor a full awareness of what hitting was.”

However, Robinson Chirinos agrees that the experience in the LMBP is conducive for him to continue polishing his skills for the signing period in MLB. “That's why I think he's going to be better than me with the ball, and we're also already seeing very good actions from him behind the plate. I have faith that he will be a Venezuelan in the Major Leagues and will achieve important things in both facets of the game.”

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