Narváez aims to continue improving with the wood

Milwaukee Brewers wide receiver Omar Narvaez refuses to blame his hitting problems last year on the unusual circumstances of a season shortened by the pandemic.

"Everything got out of hand," the Venezuelan admitted Sunday at the team's spring practice center in Phoenix. “For me, I think there are no excuses. It was a short season. Everyone talks about it. I feel like being a professional I can't have excuses. It did not go well for me".

Narvaez, 29, came to Milwaukee with a reputation for being a quality hitter and lacking defensive ability. However, it was the opposite in his first NL season after the Brewers acquired him from the Seattle Mariners in December 2019.

His batting average plummeted from .278 in 2019 to .176 last year. His on-base average fell from .353 to .292, while his on-base percentage plus slugging plunged from .813 to .562.

After having 22 home runs in 132 games in 2019, he hit just two in 40 games last year.

Hitting coach Andy Haines indicated that Narvaez was one of many hitters who pushed themselves too hard due to the shortened season.

"You could see him trying to do too much," Haines admitted. “I'm not just talking about Omar, but about a lot of hitters that I watched, who were literally trying to have a good season with every hit. Baseball cannot be played like this. If baseball sends us a reminder that it can't be played that way, it did so strongly in 2020. ”

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