Miguel Cabrera is ready for action

With the enthusiasm of a rookie: this is how José Miguel Cabrera arrived in Lakeland, the Detroit Tigers' bunker in Florida, over the weekend to acclimatize at the beginning of spring training for position players.

Gardeners and infielders official report today, however, Miguel won the "fever" and as good líder that is, he dressed in shorts and jumped to train with his teammates.

Like a grape

Miggy will play his nineteenth season in the Major Leagues, the fourteenth with the Detroit Tigers and his 37 years was seen in an excellent state of form, it could be said that better than 2020 when he surprised several.

Although the years do not pass in vain, the talent and power is still there. Through social networks, it was possible to follow the "day to day" of the conditioning of the maracayero body. Also, the different jobs in the batting box, caused praise to rain from his colleagues and fans.

Cabrera took rollings in first and made some swings, to put play to the 2021 harvest, in search of good things.

Road to Cooperstown

Possibly it is the feline cap that Cabrera chooses for his Hall of Fame plaque, but first he will have to add a few more numbers that dispel doubts of his immortality. These figures will be updated with the passing of the campaign. Today, 38 days away from Opening Day, the “Tigre Mayor” is 134 hits out of 3.000 and 13 home runs out of 500; with that it is almost impossible that he was not in Cooperstown at the time.

Also, another round marks that Miggy is chasing are the 1.800 RBIs (71), 1.500 runs (43) and the 600 doubles (19). Even four years under .300, his lifetime average is .313, something he will want to maintain.